Terms & Conditions for House of Boutique Cakes

1) A booking is made when House of Boutique Cakes receives a Non refundable deposit of 25% from the customer and House of Boutique Cakes confirms the booking.

2) The Customer is responsible for checking the confirmation. Any mistakes or alterations must be notified to House of Boutique Cakes 5 days after receipt of confirmation thereafter any alterations shall be at House of Boutique Cakes absolute discretion.

3) House of Boutique Cakes make every attempt to keep to the exact design required, however House of Boutique Cakes will adjust any design if it is felt necessary to improve or help the stability of the product.
4) The balance must be paid not later than 30 days before the date of delivery of the order. If the balance is not paid by the due date then House of Boutique Cakes has the right to cancel the order and any refund shall be at House of Boutique Cakes discretion.

5) Payments can be made by Debit Cards; Credit Cards and Business cards surcharges will be applicable with all of these and are as follows Debit Cards its £1.00 for Credit Cards its 2% and Business Cards 2.5%.

6) Delivery is available; we personally deliver our products ourselves. Delivery fees are calculated by distance travelled at 55p per mile. Delivery and set up, you can choose for us to deliver and set up at your required venue, fees will apply for set up £25.00

7) While it is not a problem self-transporting any cakes etc, it is at your own risk. House of Boutique Cakes is not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur to any customer-transported cakes etc. Once it has left our property.

8) House of Boutique Cakes cannot guarantee that any of its products does not contain any substance that may cause some allergic reaction. The customer is responsible for advising their guests of this House of Boutique Cakes will not accept any liability for any loss or damage or injury from exposure to anything which may cause an allergic reaction such as nuts, etc although the icing of flowers, leaves and sculptures are edible, some other decorations are not such as Boards, wires, gems, rods etc again it’s up to the customer to advise all guests of this it’s not House of Boutique Cakes responsibility.

9) All cancellations must be made in writing. All deposits are Non-refundable. Any booking cancelled between 28-14 days prior to the delivery of the order will be entitled to a refund 10% of the payment received not including the non refundable deposit. Any cancellations made later than 14 days prior to the delivery of the order will only result in a refund at House of Boutique cakes absolute discretion.

10) House of Boutique Cakes will not accept any liability for any arising eventualities when it is not able to deliver due to adverse weather or road condition, traffic chaos or other highway hazards. House of Boutique Cakes will do everything they can to keep the customer informed in these circumstances.